C-ORE follows four vigilantes as they track down a wanted techno-junkie in the middle of developing a new way for users to experience old earth. After liberating the data and trying it for them-self, they fall into a maze of nightmarish parallel realities. Now indoctrinated into C-ORE - they seek to escape the drug by travelling to the limits of their new reality.

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Drake's Demise

Clip illustrating ritual and dark phantasy portrayed by leading actors within music industry. Full clip available for screening. Track: Rizzla - Elevator Elevator (Lucid x DJ Dior [remix])

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All That Matters

Remix of Jestin Beibers "All That Matters" with Alladin & Romeo and Juliet 1996. For valentines day 2014.

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Mykki Blanco - She Gutta

"Mykki Blanco only ever makes awesome videos. And after being arrested in Portugal “for being gay,” the confrontational New York-based has made a video for the recent single “She Gutta” that’s politically charged but messy; you’re never entirely sure what’s going on. The video takes place in a gang-ravaged, drone-plagued near-future Los Angeles, and it starts out with jangled and chaotic mock news footage before following a crew of players in this brave new world through hookups and rumbles. Jude MC directs." -stereogum.com

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skycell's clanging, grime-inflected lead single "Mecha" is visualized by video director Jude MC who says, "By sampling footage from contemporary sci-fi and action films I am able to, through a process of divination, analyze the culture surrounding technological advancement and the mechanization of earth. Through time, we will see if life imitates art along the path of what is prophesied in these films, in the meantime they are certainly entertaining to watch."

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Kingdom - Bankhead Feat. Kelela

Shot in Los Angeles - Bank Head is a classic music video inspired by traditional film motifs - the aim was to create a timeless piece - paired with a somewhat abstract narrative: Figure A (Mark Ruksook) experiences a virtualized therapy session where he, taking the form of figure B (Chris Gooris), performs a symbolic act, carrying his love (figure c, played by Natasha Roozrokh) to be stored in a repository of his mind (the cave). Kelela acts as an arbitor between flesh, earth, time, and space.

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Physical Therapy, jude mc

Physical Therapy - Do it Alone

Working Closely with artist Physical Therapy, NYC stylist Halley Wollens and a very talented Nigerian Animator Obinna O. We developed "Do it Alone" - a cell shaded Western with a Sci-Fi twist. Characters were created from scratch and styled with designer clothing: Romeo Gigli, Dickies, Uniqlo, Moshino, Timberland, Nixon Apollo, Ozbek, True Religion, Versace, Cartier, Thierry Mugler, Alexander Mcqueen, John Galliano, to name a few!

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blood orange, jude mc

Blood Orange - Champagne Coast

For this Popular Blood Orange Video, I collaborated with Director Haley Wollens to create a single shot 2D / 3D world. We wanted to portray the classic scenario of 'Girls Dancing Alone in their Room' in a new, unique way.

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arca doep, jude mc

ARCA - DOEP *Unnoficial Rough*

A fan video for Arca's "Doep" <3

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fatima al qadari, jude mc

Fatima Al Qadari - D Medley

The product of a 48hr Deadline to be included in Fatima Al Qadari's 'Genre Specific Xperience' Screening at New Museum. "D-medley riffs on the notion of electro-tropicalia, a tenuous genre that inhabits a fantasy realm loosely inspired by Brazil's Tropicalia movement. Taran Allen & Jude MC of Thunder Horse Video explore the solitary relationship between user and technology, in search for companionship and escape."

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transformers 2, jude mc

Transformers 2 Brave DS Remix

Edited with Footage from a pre-release bootleg of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

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supreme cuts, jude mc

Supreme Cuts - Amnesia

Unreleased Official Video. Edited to Final Fantasy XIII Select Cutscenes.

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gatekeeper giza, jude mc

Gatekeeper - Giza

Part 3 of 6 Video Series for Album "GZA". A video cliff-note and homage to the 1998 film 'Blade' starring Wesley Snipes.

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gatekeeper serpent, jude mc

Gatekeeper - Serpent

Part 4 of 6 Video Series for Album "GZA". I acted as FX coordinator and Art Director for this single shot music video produced by Thunder Horse Video 2010.

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10iller native bronx, jude mc

10iller - Native

Quick Video Shot in The Bronx on VHS and Red Cam for the Album: Bronx Zoo.

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white car, jude mc

White Car - The Bridge

Shot in Chicago's Southside on VHS, Mini-DV, HD, and Tube Camera. The Bridge was the first video that I officially directed and edited. Inspired by Nine Inch Nails' video "Down In it". Starring Elon Katz, Orion Martin, Ghazal Hashemi, and Jeanette Hayes,

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